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Leanne Shann Gut Health Nutritionist

My Health Journey

Hi, I'm Lee,​​ ​I am an Accredited University Qualified Nutritionist, Mother and IVF Warrior.​


So why did I choose Nutrition? ​

About 8 years ago, I became really sick, and it crippled my life. I couldn't attend work, socialise or live any part of my everyday lifestyle.  After seeing numerous specialists who didn't really have any answers, I decided the only person who would help me was myself. I was my best advocate.  I started changing what I ate to rebuild my body from the inside out. From this, I realised the importance of knowing what we put into our bodies, thus setting myself on the path to becoming a nutritionist. 


So back to University I went to complete my Bachelor's degree in Nutrition. Along the way my passion for food as medicine was really ignited. Through my university studies and experiences, I can see the potential that food and lifestyle impacts our health and why it is so important, but sometimes not rated highly in our lives. I also have a food intolerance, so I feel for those with either a intolerance or allergy. I know the challenges that you face.


My experience changed my life in many ways and now, I am on a path to help others. From this passion became LS Nourishing Bodies. I wanted to have my own practice that helps clients discover a different outlook on food and their body in a way that educates them to lead a happier healthier life. As to not let something like gut health rule their life, like it did mine for so long. 

​I want to help you to reclaim your life by getting your gut back on track. 

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